About Us

Who are we?
A group of Suppliers, Contractors, Nurses, Investors, Realtors, Accountants, Property Managers, Attorneys, Students, Retirees, Sales People, Truck Drivers, Home Makers, Bankers and more, who have been helping each other for over 10 years to grow in the many facets of purchasing, selling, owning & managing real estate. As a diversified group from many walks of life, we are a Non-Profit, Non-Stock organization guided by a Board of Directors dedicated to our Mission to “Provide a trade association for real estate investors for networking, education and community service.”


The National Real Estate Investors Association (NaREIA)
is a 501(c) 6 trade association and a federation of local associations or investment clubs throughout the United States. The “CORE PURPOSE” of NaREIA is to advance and protect the industry of real estate investing while helping real estate investors prosper and add value to their lives and their communities. Their “MISSION” is to support and promote local real estate investor organizations while servicing the interests of the real estate investment industry through networking, education, support, leadership on legislative issues, and promoting professionalism and standards of excellence in our industry to better serve the housing needs of the public. “Incentive based” systems for Investor Members, whether they are nationally administered programs – such as our affiliation with Home Depot and Sherwin Williams – or regional/local programs offered to our members by Chapter Vendor Partners, the result is a mutually-beneficial relationship that creates opportunity for local Chapter Vendor Partners and Investor Members, as well as strengthening the larger regional and national organizations.

NaREIA establishes standards in education, support, national programs, networking opportunities, a code of ethics and the implementation of much needed government affairs programs.


Local Group – ACRE of Beaver County
We are a member of the NaREIA through our affiliation with our parent organization – ACRE of Pittsburgh. We benefit from national programs by NaREIA through our affiliation. To name a few benefit to members of ACRE of Beaver County, they are:
* National and local educational programs on all topics!
* Discounts on Vendor Member products and services.
* Learning about “hard” money, “private” money and conventional bank loans.
* Legal advice on your personal and business activities.
* Entity creation and business planning based on needs.
* Tax benefits, education and reporting.
* Exit strategies for property purchases and why?
* Local, regional and national Legal Representation by Attorney vendor members and group officers.
* Legal property management through Vendor Members.
* Years of experience by Members who share with others.
* Opportunities to learn from the mistakes of others.
* Staying on the cutting edge of market strategies via national guru/speaker affiliation.
* Electronic newsletter monthly.
* Online library of legal and ethical articles by national Investors, tax accountants and attorneys.
* Opportunities for Vendor Members to be in front of investors needing services and products.
* Reciprocal agreement with ACRE of Pittsburgh that allows members of that organization to attend 3 ACRE of Beaver County meetings/year free of charge.
* Workshops on all aspects of the real estate business.
* Yearly Conventions for that bring significant national speakers to provide education and profitable programs to us.
* Quarterly weekend programs with national speakers.
* Many years of organizational experience from ACRE of Pittsburgh since its inception in 1981.

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