The ACRE of Beaver County yearly membership fee is $132.00.  For new members, it is adjusted based on the time of year you begin your membership with us.

Membership benefits include:

  • Attendance at all ACRE of Beaver County meetings
  • Attendance at up to three meetings per year at ACRE of Pittsburgh
  • Member discounts to all programs of ACRE of Beaver County and ACRE of Pittsburgh

Members of ACRE are also members of the Pennsylvania Residential Owners’ Association (PROA) and members of the National Real Estate Investors’ Association, both of which are affiliated with ACRE. Both the state and national groups have even more benefits for our members.

All are welcome to attend one meeting as a guest.
For more information, contact us or email

Vendor Members

One reason we run ACRE of Beaver County is to connect local investors with local vendors who can help in real estate investing.

Please contact us to talk to us about pricing and benefits of joining our group of valued Vendor Members.

All are welcome to attend one meeting as a guest.
For more information about becoming a Vendor Member, contact us or email

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