Monthly Meeting


Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, October 24, 6:30 p.m. –  9:00 p.m.

CCBC Room 9110

Our October 24th, 2017 guest speaker will be Sandie Egley, The Beaver County Commissioner Chairman.

Commissioners Office – Duties & Responsibilities

The Board of County Commissioners is responsible for the orderly and efficient operation of county government. The Board is the seat of legislative and executive powers in the county and has broad authority in the following areas: budgets and finance, debts, contracts, appointment of department heads and staff in departments that report directly to the Board, as well as appointments to the many authorities, commissions and boards.

The Commissioners are the managers of fiscal affairs. They prepare an annual budget, establish and levy taxes, and invest all idle cash.

Beaver County levies only one tax, the real estate property tax. The Board of Commissioners, by state law, is the designated Board of Assessment Appeals and they have the duty to establish, through their Chief Assessor, a permanent and dynamic records system consisting of tax maps, property record files and valuations, and property owner indices pertaining to all real property in the county. Landowners who object to the values placed on their lands and buildings have the right to appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals.

The County Commissioners have the responsibility for hiring, directing, and terminating the work force of all departments reporting to them. As sitting members of the Salary Board they have authority to establish positions and salaries in every department and is the designated employer of all County employees for purposes of collective bargaining and the administration of resulting agreements. The Office of Employee Relations is responsible to the Commissioners for negotiating and administering employee health insurance and other employee benefits, and for accepting and screening employment applications.

DIRECTIONS to Monthly Meetings: CCBC is just off the parkway west at the Center Twp exit (Exit 42). Coming from the south, turn right at the end of the exit onto Pleasant Dr. Coming from the north, after you drive to the end of the exit ramp, turn left and go over the parkway on Pleasant Dr.  In either case, follow Pleasant Dr. to the “T” at Brodhead Rd.  Turn left (north) onto Brodhead and go north a few miles looking for the CCBC signs. If you are using a gps device, the user friendly address is: Community College of Beaver County (CCBC), 1 Campus Drive, Monaca, PA 15061.  Follow the signs to Room 9103 in the Learning Resources Center (LRC).

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